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My Journey to Flip Flops…..

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My Why

Anyone that says starting a business is easy is either not telling the truth or they’re not doing it properly!

It takes dedication, determination, resilience from the knockbacks, a plan and lots of vision! (I won’t even touch on the boring stuff like business plans, finances, SEO, google analytics, business growth, workspace, staff, marketing & promotion etc) Let’s keep this fun!

Basically, I wanted to be my own boss, create my own working environment, bring to life my ideas and most of all inspire my children.  I had owned a successful café and catering business about 12  years ago and loved it. I realised that being employed by others just did not suit my personality.

So, during a brainstorming session with the family, the idea of Flip Flops emerged.  It made perfect sense, as (at that time) I worked as an Events Supervisor and was often seeing women unable to walk in their fabulous heels by the end of the night. The question was how could I turn Flip Flops into a profitable business? I could personalise them of course!

That was it, decision made . With the enthusiasm from my children and encouragement (and much patience) from my incredible Husband, Flip Flop Design.Shop was born. Personalised Flip Flops for any occasion.

How did I get where I am today?  

If you want to go into business it helps to be sociable, put yourself out there and look for opportunities (don’t hang around waiting for things to come to you) Through meeting a few great people and working hard on my pitch I was fortunate to be accepted onto a funded course for creative start-ups.  The course is run by InCube and is funded by Renfrewshire Council . If anyone is interested, they have 2 intakes a year! InCube connected me to other entrepreneurs and innovators and experienced business advisors.  This is a photo of the successful applicants and very inspirational women (No, the course isn’t  just for women)


The next exciting thing was waiting for my first stock to arrive from China. However, as a result of mis-communication between myself and my Chinese contact and the fact that my Flip Flops seemed to be travelling all around the world (apart from arriving in the UK) we had a few problems. I can honestly say that was an incredibly stressful time and a huge learning curve and thats why this photo really brings a smile to my face. The day the first batch of Flip Flops arrived my excitement was uncontainable and the delivery man thought I was a little bit strange!

Delivery man and boxes
First delivery!

Here and Now

The business is growing from strength to strength.  I continue to look for opportunities, regularly attend networking events, wedding fayres, printing exhibitions and collaborate with universities and students.  Yes, there have been ups and downs along the way but isn’t that what business and risk-taking are all about? It’s now 6 months in and we are still being thorough, doing the groundwork and doing it WELL! The groundwork is giving us the foundation to build a successful business with longevity.  I am really excited about the next 12 months . I have big plans! (which will not be a surprise to anyone who knows me well)

To my loved ones, thanks for sharing this journey with me x

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