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The Flip Flop Design You Need!

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Summer is looming and with that, the summer wardrobe comes out. The slightest hint of the sun gets people out in their shorts, little summer dresses and of course, let’s not forget the Flip Flops. Some people love them, other’s hate them but there’s no denying that Flip Flops have been around (in some form) for thousands of years and they are here to stay!

3 pairs of Flip Flops
Travel Flip Flops

There are many things I want to touch on in later Blogs such as “How the Flip Flops are made and printed”, “Frequently Asked Questions”, “How to get the best out of your design” and “Getting those summer feet ready” but today I want to focus on a new Flip Flop design.

We listen to you

As a new business, we are always listening to our customers and strive to make the design process more user-friendly.  We love seeing your personal designs and transforming them into a great product that you can wear over and over again but we also want to make this process easier for you.  Some people are very confident when designing but for others it can be a bit of a challenge.  So, we have designed the new Snap-in Photo Collage Flip Flop.

Easy Steps to order your Flip Flops

So what is the Snap-in Flip Flop

This gives you the option of having 8 individual photos that just “snap” into place. This saves you time, simplifies the design process for you and means you can have numerous images on one Flip Flop without having to think about overlapping images.  Basically, we do the hard work for you!  A short video, to demonstrate how to create your Snap-in Photo Collage, will be coming VERY soon.

Flip Flops with snap in photo options

What are your options

As always, you get to choose your size, base & strap colours but with the Snap-in Collage Flip Flop, you can now choose the style of the photo border.  So far, we have created two different designs for you and we will be adding to this throughout the year.  It would be great to have your feedback on what border designs you would like to make your perfect personalised Flip Flops

Get in Touch

If you are not sure about anything mentioned so far then please get in touch via online chat, social media or email.  We love hearing from you and we really love to help you get the best out of your design.  Don’t wait any longer, check out this link and Happy designing.

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