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11 Reasons You Need Personalised Flip Flops

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1. Designed By You, Created For You

Flip Flops with text saying Add your personalised message/photo
Personalised Flip Flop

The whole concept of Flip Flop Design.Shop is that your Flip Flops are custom made for you and this allows you to “share your memories” in a fun way. You can create your own personalised design by uploading your special photos, images or text.  You might choose photos from your holiday, special occasion or maybe just a quote. But whatever theme/style you choose, it will give them the personalised touch.

2. It’s As Easy As ABC…

Flip Flops with beautiful tiger print
Tiger Print
Green Flip Flops with smiling pineapples
Happy Pineapples

You don’t need to be very artistic to create your own design.  There are plenty of customer designs on the website to give you inspiration and we always suggest you take a look at TOP TIPS first.  Our popular pre-made designs can be found HERE. You can either keep the design as it is or tweak it a little by just adding some text. So-

  • Read Top Tips
  • Choose your size, sole & strap colours
  • Create your design

3. You Have So Much Choice

Flip Flops with snap-in collage images of a celbration
Snap-In Photo Collage
  • You can choose to use one of our designs or create one from scratch. 
  •  Add text (rotate it and change the font & font colour)
  • Change the Foot Bed Colour
  • Upload your favourite photos or images
  • Upload photos directly from Pixabay (a library of free images)
  • Choose between 6 sole colours and 6 strap colours
  •  Mix & Match the sole and strap colours
  • Order the Snap-In Photo Collage- which does what it says!
  • Order a Gift Card Code- no designing required.

4. Upload Photos Directly From Facebook and Instagram

We always strive to improve the website and make things as easy as possible for our customers. So, you now have the option of uploading your photos directly from FB or Instagram.  How great and convenient is that! When you have created your design you can also share it with your friends on social media platforms too.

5. Personalised Fip Flops Can Be Worn Anytime!

a lady opening a pair of personalised flip flops smiling
Gift Time!
Girl on the beach holding a pair of Flip Flops
Flip Flop Travels

Have you got plans to go to the beach, a festival, wedding, hen do, health club, spa day or sporting event?  The list is endless.  Flip Flops can be worn during the day or at the end of the night when your feet can’t take any more dancing! (However, we don’t recommend driving in your Flip Flops, as your insurance may not cover you)

6. They Make The Perfect Unique Gift

A personalised gift means you have put extra thought into it and makes someone feel special. You can design the Flip Flops with a humorous photo, happy memory or maybe you want something poetic or just want to celebrate! And if you are still not sure, then gift your loved one with a Gift Card Code and they can have fun designing them themselves.

7. Super Comfy

Yes, they are comfy. Our Flip Flops are 14mm in depth, so add that extra comfort and durability. This means you can wear them over and over again.

8. Vibrant Colour

Lockdown Flip Flops

We use a method called sublimation printing and this process gives our products a beautiful vibrant colour that does not fade or wear. We have created a short video showing how simple it is to keep your fabulous flip flops looking brand new, so check it out here.

9. Unique

Do you want to “Stand out from the crowd”? Well, Personalised Flip Flops gives you something that’s unique and special. You can make the design as simple or intricate as you like.  Use bold colours, pastels or monochrome, mix & match your sole and strap colours and you can be sure no one will have the same bespoke Flip Flops as you.

10. Stylish

Because they are custom made you have the option to create any design.  So, check out the latest fashion and see whats in style and merge that with your own personal style.  For example, this year’s styles are florals, stripes and bold colours.  Design your Flip Flops around your outfits and beachwear. Check out some Glamour tips HERE

11. Affordable

Which Ones Shall We Wear Today?

For £19.99 you get a custom made product, with lots of options.  Our Flip Flops are great quality and durable.  We are always here to help too, so you get excellent customer service and advice.  We also offer discounts for bulk orders, so the more you order the bigger the discount. Not only that but FREE 2nd class UK delivery is INCLUDED in the price!

So, if you love the sound of our Personalised Flip Flops check out our website and start designing now!

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