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5 Design Style Ideas for your Personalised Flip Flops

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Sometimes we get asked “I would love to make Personalised Flip Flops but I can’t decide on an image” So, a couple of things we would ask you to consider are:

  1. The Snap-in PhotoCollage design.  This way you can use lots of images in one design. 
  2. What is the occasion? What’s your relationship with that person and what’s your message?  Do you want to be romantic or do you want them to remember a hilarious moment from your last holiday? Etc

Scroll down to see a few design styles you might like to think about and along with these customer designs, we hope to give you some inspiration.

Holiday Flip Flops

Many people want Flip Flops to take on holiday (eg honeymoon, Disneyland, group travel holiday experiences, etc), and then there are people that want to remember those travel experiences in a fun & practical way with Personalised Flip Flops.  Check out these fun customer design’s from Thailand, Japan and Italy. If you happen to be looking for holiday ideas for next year, we can highly recommend Julie Batchelor Brilliant Travel

Flip Flops in beauty Thailand scenery
Flip Flops in Thailand
Flip Flops with Japanese designs on
Flip Flops in Japan
Flip Flops by a pool
Flip Flops in Italy

Humorous Flip Flops

Flip Flops with funny images of a couple and happy 50th
Happy 50th
Birthday Flip Flops with smilie emojis
Fun birthday Flip Flops

We love these silly ones.  This is the style that really makes people laugh out loud. It might be a memory from a day out or an occasion coming up like a special birthday, leaving present or stocking filler.

Romantic Flip Flops

Do you have a wedding planned, ,maybe a proposal or you just want to say “I love you”?

Purple Flip Flops with images of the bride and groom
Wedding Flip Flops
Wedding Flip Flops with the text Bride
For the bride!

Pet Flip Flops

Flip Flops with images of a dog and cat
Dexter and Daisy
Flip Flops with images of cats and a young girl
Luna and Minnie

As a nation, we love our furry friends and treat them as one of the family.  Therefore, why wouldn’t you want a pair of Personalised Flip Flops with photos of the lovable creatures on them.

Celebratory Flip Flops

Maybe it’s a 21st, 40th or 50th birthday celebration, a hen do or anniversary.  There’s always something to celebrate, so why not surprise your loved ones with some Flip Flops with a personalised photo or message and “Share your memories in a unique way”

Flip Flops with image of man at a concert and text saying 50th
50th Birthday!
Animal print Flip Flops with 40th printed on them
40th Birthday!
Flip Flops in a garden next to a plant potfor an anniversary i
Anniversary Celebrations

At the end of the day, you can put almost anything onto your Flip Flops. Hopefully, this has given you a few extra, imaginative ideas. Why not have a go designing your own pair now. Happy designing!

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Who Wants To Be A Winner!

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Flip flops on the beach sticking out of the sand
Competition time!

Everyone loves a chance to win something, so we thought it was time to give our Flip Flop Fans a competition and the opportunity to win their own pair of Personalised Flip Flops.

We have not 1 but 3 pairs to give away and we would love one of those lucky winners to be YOU!

How To Enter The Competition

Flipf Flops with images of a country
In which country were these photos taken?

The competition opens on Sunday 6th September 2020.
To enter you need to do 3 simple things using FB:

  1. Take a look at this customer design and tell us:
    In which country were the holiday snaps on these Flip Flops taken?
    Leave your answer in the FB comment section (1 answer only)
  2. Like the post
  3. Share the post

    Don’t forget, you need to do ALL 3 things in order to have a chance of winning.

What Style of Personalised Flip Flops Can I Choose?

2 women on the beach with co-ordinating swimwear and flipflops
Design your Flip Flops to match your swimwear

If you are one of the lucky winners you can choose a pair of Flip Flops from our Popular Flip Flops page or you can design your own bespoke pair. You can add your favourite photos/images or text and you get to choose your sole & strap colour. Why not get some inspiration from previous customer orders. You could also think about matching your Personalised Flip Flops to your swimwear! Click HERE for some 2020 swimwear inspiration.

How Do I Know If I Am A Winner?

The competition runs for 4 weeks and finishes on Sun 4th October 2020.  If we get more than 3 correct answers, the finalists will be randomly & fairly selected.

We will then notify you by FB message and give you a coupon code (which you can use through our online store) This coupon is up to the value of £19.99 and allows you to choose or design your Personalised Flip Flops and also entitles you to free UK delivery.

What Are You Waiting For!

Click on this link to our FB page and enter the competition now (well, wait till Sat!) Good Luck!

T’s & C’s

Through entering the competition you must agree to the following terms:

  • You will allow us to announce your name as a winner on all our social media platforms.
  • You will agree to send us a photo of you with your Personalised Flip Flops.
  • Your prize must be claimed by 30th December 2020 (the coupon code will not be valid after that date)
  • UK entrants only.
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11 Reasons You Need Personalised Flip Flops

2 min read

1. Designed By You, Created For You

Flip Flops with text saying Add your personalised message/photo
Personalised Flip Flop

The whole concept of Flip Flop Design.Shop is that your Flip Flops are custom made for you and this allows you to “share your memories” in a fun way. You can create your own personalised design by uploading your special photos, images or text.  You might choose photos from your holiday, special occasion or maybe just a quote. But whatever theme/style you choose, it will give them the personalised touch.

2. It’s As Easy As ABC…

Flip Flops with beautiful tiger print
Tiger Print
Green Flip Flops with smiling pineapples
Happy Pineapples

You don’t need to be very artistic to create your own design.  There are plenty of customer designs on the website to give you inspiration and we always suggest you take a look at TOP TIPS first.  Our popular pre-made designs can be found HERE. You can either keep the design as it is or tweak it a little by just adding some text. So-

  • Read Top Tips
  • Choose your size, sole & strap colours
  • Create your design

3. You Have So Much Choice

Flip Flops with snap-in collage images of a celbration
Snap-In Photo Collage
  • You can choose to use one of our designs or create one from scratch. 
  •  Add text (rotate it and change the font & font colour)
  • Change the Foot Bed Colour
  • Upload your favourite photos or images
  • Upload photos directly from Pixabay (a library of free images)
  • Choose between 6 sole colours and 6 strap colours
  •  Mix & Match the sole and strap colours
  • Order the Snap-In Photo Collage- which does what it says!
  • Order a Gift Card Code- no designing required.

4. Upload Photos Directly From Facebook and Instagram

We always strive to improve the website and make things as easy as possible for our customers. So, you now have the option of uploading your photos directly from FB or Instagram.  How great and convenient is that! When you have created your design you can also share it with your friends on social media platforms too.

5. Personalised Fip Flops Can Be Worn Anytime!

a lady opening a pair of personalised flip flops smiling
Gift Time!
Girl on the beach holding a pair of Flip Flops
Flip Flop Travels

Have you got plans to go to the beach, a festival, wedding, hen do, health club, spa day or sporting event?  The list is endless.  Flip Flops can be worn during the day or at the end of the night when your feet can’t take any more dancing! (However, we don’t recommend driving in your Flip Flops, as your insurance may not cover you)

6. They Make The Perfect Unique Gift

A personalised gift means you have put extra thought into it and makes someone feel special. You can design the Flip Flops with a humorous photo, happy memory or maybe you want something poetic or just want to celebrate! And if you are still not sure, then gift your loved one with a Gift Card Code and they can have fun designing them themselves.

7. Super Comfy

Yes, they are comfy. Our Flip Flops are 14mm in depth, so add that extra comfort and durability. This means you can wear them over and over again.

8. Vibrant Colour

Lockdown Flip Flops

We use a method called sublimation printing and this process gives our products a beautiful vibrant colour that does not fade or wear. We have created a short video showing how simple it is to keep your fabulous flip flops looking brand new, so check it out here.

9. Unique

Do you want to “Stand out from the crowd”? Well, Personalised Flip Flops gives you something that’s unique and special. You can make the design as simple or intricate as you like.  Use bold colours, pastels or monochrome, mix & match your sole and strap colours and you can be sure no one will have the same bespoke Flip Flops as you.

10. Stylish

Because they are custom made you have the option to create any design.  So, check out the latest fashion and see whats in style and merge that with your own personal style.  For example, this year’s styles are florals, stripes and bold colours.  Design your Flip Flops around your outfits and beachwear. Check out some Glamour tips HERE

11. Affordable

Which Ones Shall We Wear Today?

For £19.99 you get a custom made product, with lots of options.  Our Flip Flops are great quality and durable.  We are always here to help too, so you get excellent customer service and advice.  We also offer discounts for bulk orders, so the more you order the bigger the discount. Not only that but FREE 2nd class UK delivery is INCLUDED in the price!

So, if you love the sound of our Personalised Flip Flops check out our website and start designing now!

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Celebrating 2 Years of Flip Flop Design.Shop

2 min read

Family sat on a wall in sfront of historical building in Bruges

 You know the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun”, well I can’t believe 2 years have gone by already.  My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 29 yrs old.  Disillusioned working for large organisations and always feeling I could “do it better”, I took the plunge into the business world and for 7 years ran a successful café/outside catering business.  Cutting a long story short, family life changed and I was ready to sell the business as a going concern.  During this time I raised a family, had a few interesting job roles and moved to Scotland but that entrepreneurial mindset never left me.  So, 10 years later I was eager to put my entrepreneurial skills to the test once again!

Funny How Things Turn Out

a quote by Denzel washington
Great Advice!

To run a business you need motivation, determination, resilience, value and vision but also you need people in your life.  You can’t do EVERYTHING by yourself and honestly, it would be boring if you could.  I have met some phenomenal people along the way (including my husband!) and I can’t help but wonder where I would be now if I hadn’t met them and if they hadn’t introduced me to certain people or shared their knowledge & expertise with me. I have gained so much business knowledge along the way and here is just one of my favourite quotes that resonates with me and hopefully you too.

Some of my Favorite Moments

Delivery man and boxes
First delivery!
  • There are plenty but here are just a few.  The very first time I imported stock.  I was so excited I took a photo of the delivery man.  He thought I was strange but smiled for the photo anyway! 
  • The Virgin Money Lounge invited me to their event in Glasgow. It was a lovely intimate event and I got to meet some great people and made some valuable collaborations.
  • The INCube course for new start-ups is obviously high on my list. After presenting my pitch, I was accepted onto the course. I was connected with other entrepreneurs, innovators and experienced business advisors.  This, without a doubt, helped provide me with the knowledge to build the foundations of a solid business model.
  • Our first big order!  It’s a great feeling getting that first big order.   I also loved the design.  It was fun to process and print them and even better when the customer was delighted with them.

What Now

  • I had the opportunity to visit Barbados for potential business, which sounds fantastic, doesn’t it!. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen this year now.  That’s OK though, I’m a firm believer in “one door closing and another opening” and we have a few other plans but they are on hold until next year (due to the Covid-19  pandemic)
  • We are continuously working on improving our website and customer service to make the order process as quick and easy as possible.  We always value your opinion and input. So please do get in touch if you have any suggestions or comments here
Flip Flops in the sand with a heart shape surrounding them
Flip Flop Love
  • Gift Card options are now available. It’s for customers that love the idea of giving personalised flip flops as a gift but would like the receiver to be able to create their own.
  • Instructional Videos will also be available soon.  These will be from 1-2 mins long and a great help for those who need a bit of guidance in designing their perfect custom Flip Flops. You can check out these little gems HERE. If you want to get inspiration from past customer orders, then check these out too. Quick Tip: A couple of sites that are great for providing FREE images (that you can upload onto the Flip Flops) are Pixabay and Pexels
  • Not only that but for those of you looking for more unique gift idea, we will be introducing some NEW personalised products, so watch this space!
  • So, as a thank you to friends, family and loyal customers we are currently offering a 10% discount. Just click HERE for more details and to order your Personalised Flip Flops. It’s been a great 2 years and here’s to many more!   

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How to Entertain Your Kids During Isolation!

5 minute read

Even though some parents are dreading the thought of being in isolation with the kids, there are plenty of ideas out there ranging from educational, creative, physical and let’s not forget FUN!  It can also be a time to bond with your family.  Often people are too busy with their day to day lives that they don’t actually spend that “quality time” together.  So hopefully, if you can take 1 or 2 ideas away from this then I have done my job.


One of the first things you need to think about is how to create some structure and routine for your days. If you don’t have this pretty early on then it’s going to be hard to keep you and the kids productive.  Everyone is better off knowing what’s expected of them and how many hrs a day that involves (especially when you are talking about schoolwork).  To get them motivated get the kids involved in planning this.  You can do this by turning it into a creative activity or by simply downloading a free Timetable App. There are plenty available on Google Playstore and the App Store. They are easy to use, and you can colour code each day & subject.  After each session, don’t forget to let the kids take a break.

Daily Schedule Clock

If you are looking for a more creative approach then think about a “Daily Schedule clock” – this can be made from cardboard.  Divide it into segments, colour code days/categories and use coloured pegs as labels (which can be pegged along the outside of the clock.  This can be adapted to suit your child, so use whatever materials are available to you. This image is from Instagram Blogger Kirsty @instagramtoday.our.children.  Check out her stuff, as she has a plethora of ideas.

Use the resources the school provides and then add your own creative twist to things!

Element of Surprise

Essential Gift Pack

Yes, we may be in isolation for weeks but it doesn’t mean we can’t treat the kids, especially as many of us are cancelling our summer holidays this year. One of the first things I did was to buy the kids an Essential Home Pack (it’s not really essential, I just wanted to call it that!) Now I admit I had already prepared for this but you probably have a few things around the house that you could use towards a gift pack.  Knowing that we would end up in the house for weeks, these bags consisted of new pj’s, slouchies, chocolate, bubble bath, art pencils & paper, sketchbooks and various other small random things.

If that’s not feasible then surprise them with a treasure hunt.  Set it up when they are in bed, so that that’s the first thing they see in the morning.  The clues could be maths questions or riddles etc…  And give them a prize once completed.

Science, Museums and Virtual Tours

There are some great little gems out there to make these subjects more interesting and interactive.


We all know the importance of exercise (even if we don’t like it) So, now more than ever we need to make it fun!  You can get involved too.  It’s a great opportunity to bond with the kids. 

  • Make obstacle courses in the garden
  • Make up routines on the trampoline
  • Get the old hoops and balls out of the shed.
  • Complete a Joe Wicks daily live workout from YouTube
  • Go for a walk. Change the times of day you go to make it more interesting (take note of government advice re: social distancing etc)
  • Play hide & seek with the dog!

Get Creative

This could involve artwork through painting etc, digital design or in the kitchen.

Personalised Flip Flops
  • Encourage the kids to draw.  It could be anything from a flower, beetle or shoe.  It’s just about exploring their creative self.
  • Make a card for the Grandparents. They will be feeling particularly lonely at the moment, so design a card and write a message to them.
  • Introduce the kids to watercolours or other materials they haven’t used before.
  • Give them your old makeup. They might want to use it on their faces or for a picture.
  • Origami can keep them entertained for hours!
  • Maybe even design a pair of Personalised Flip Flops!  Uses imagination and colour and gives them something to look forward to wearing, especially as they designed them
  • Baking can be very artistic. Think about shapes, colour, smell and texture.

The Boredom Jar Challenge

Get the kids to write a long list of things they could do when they are bored.  So when they have finished their school work and fed up with TV/tech they can take a sticky note from the jar.  Ideas include:

Boredom Jar Challenge
  • Rearrange bedroom
  • Practice drawing
  • Go through drawers and get rid of junk
  • Learn something new
  • Do a nice deed for their siblings
  • Teach the dog a new trick
  • Learn Tik Tok trends (?)
  • Read 1 book a week
  • Start a vision board
  • Get better at the splits
  • Make up a dance routine
  • Help around the house (yes please)
  • Re-build those old lego sets (with the incentive of selling them and earning themselves some money)

Travel the World in 5 months

Travel the World in 5 Months

Well, the kids may well be off till August but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the world from your home.  For those that like travel there are plenty of travel documentaries on TV. A couple of examples being Human Planet, or explorers who travel the world like Steve Backshall or Simon Reeves  (check if age-appropriate for your child). 

Another idea is to get the kids to choose 2 countries every day and then write 5 facts about each one.  Keep it simple with just bullet points.  It’s a chance for them to learn and get excited about the big wide world. You will probably learn a thing or two too!

In it Together

Don’t forget, we are in this situation together!  Family need to help each other and the kids can do that in subtle ways too: (My daughter calls this “tricking the children into doing work”)

  • Get them to pair up the socks.  Turn it into a counting or pattern game.
  • Tidy the kitchen cupboards but get the kids to find all the out of date tins.
  • Ask them to write the shopping lists (I’m sure they will sneak a few things in there too)
  • Hide treats/stickers/rewards around the house and then ask the kids to do the polishing.
  • Help put the shopping away.
  • Make a playlist together and put that on while doing the jobs.  Dance around and be silly!

Most importantly, try not to get too serious or lonely during this challenging time.  There’s plenty of fun ideas out there, such as online parties,  Netflix Party, social media platforms like Tik Toc, Snapchat, FB & Insta, and also plenty of local volunteer groups to help with shopping (if you are self-isolating)

I would love to hear your ideas and stories about what has & hasn’t worked.

If all else fails, bring out the wine!

#Stay home and Stay Safe

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Why You Need Wedding Flip Flops

2 minute read

Are you Full of Ideas?

Let’s be honest, most (not all) brides love the thought of organising their wedding.  For instance, deciding on a date, venue, choosing the dress, car, designing the cake etc are all things that need to be done.  We all have different ideas and visions about what we want and yes, we may be constrained by budget but something most of us have in common is that we want the event to be special and different from other weddings we have been to.  So, here’s a few reasons why you need personalised Wedding Flip Flops for your special day.

Be Unique

We ask ourselves “what can I do to make it different” or “How can I add the personal touch”. You might think about  Llamas/doughnut walls/ pom pom wedding décor (which are all fabulous but also expensive).  So one affordable idea is Wedding Flip Flops. Here at Flip Flop Design.Shop we offer a bespoke service where you can create your own personalised design.  You can have a full-colour image and text and design them to reflect exactly what you want!  Your own images/photographs and wording.  You can’t get much more personal and unique than that!

I do and Me too wedding Flip Flops
Embellished Wedding Flip Flops
Wedding Flip Flops in organza bags
Personalised Wedding Flip Flops in Organza bags
Full Flip Flop image of happy couple
Full Flip Flop image of the happy couple

Heels off! A Perfect and Cute Solution to Sore Feet

Whether you are getting married In a luxurious hotel, beach or barn our Wedding Flip Flops make a great added addition to your day.  Imagine getting ready for your big day, sitting with your friends while getting hair and makeup done, drinking champagne in your bathrobe.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your stylish, bespoke Flip Flops?  They add style, comfort and FUN!  Your favourite photo or slogan printed on them and sharing your memories in a unique way.

Wedding Flip Flops
A customer’s bespoke design
Box full of wedding Flip Flops
Bridal Party Wedding Flip Flops
Flip Flops in the sand
Honeymoon His & Her’s Flip Flops

These aren’t Throw Away, These are for Keeps!

Unlike various supermarket Flip Flops, ours are 14mm in depth and we can provide a full Flip Flop colour print.  The vibrant colour does not fade or wear.  We embellish the Bride’s straps and every pair comes presented in an organza bag. So, these are great quality and long-lasting!  You may choose to just have a pair for the bride or the bridal party, hen party, flower girls or even as a wedding favour.  Instead of wedding favours that don’t provide much use, give your guests something that they can wear over and over again!

flip flops hanging from hooks, with lights above them.
Stunning Wedding Flip Flop Designs

Bridal Flip Flop Favourites

Take a look at our Wedding Page because we want to give you inspiration but remember the options are endless.  The Wedding Flip Flops on this page are there to give you ideas and demonstrate how creative you can be with your design. We want you to get the best out of your design and for them to be bespoke and personal to you.  You can choose from any of the designs and simply change the wording and dates etc.. Or you can start from scratch.  It’s easy to do, however, don’t forget we are always here to help. If you need advice or help then please get in touch by email or Chat.  Can’t wait to see your designs, so don’t wait any longer, take a look here.

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Making Happy Memories!

Guest Blog

2 minute read

This month I would love to introduce you to a true professional in the travel industry. Julie Batchelor has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and in this blog, she will be giving you a few examples of some wonderful places to visit.

Julie Batchelor, your Brilliant Travel Specialist

Don’t you just love the Sun on your face, the sand between your toes and making many happy memories?

Since I was 13 years old on my first holiday abroad to Salou, I got the travel bug and decided to join the Travel Industry when I left school.  With over 16 years of experience and now running my own business as a Personal Travel Specialist, I’ve had the luxury of enjoying many happy holidays as well as travelling to destinations with work on Educational trips.  I’ll share with you some of the best destinations I’ve travelled to. 

Some of my favourites

One of the best experiences I had was a trip to Australia.  I travelled to Melbourne, Sydney and Port Douglas.  We spent the day at the Great Barrier Reef, which was just simply amazing.  We went on a submarine and snorkelled, swimming with all the different species of fish and seeing lovely coral.  We visited animal parks and even got to hold a Koala Bear.  Something I’ll never forget and even bought the picture to take home.

Another trip was to Hawaii with a stop off at Los Angeles and Las Vegas for a few days each way.  Each destination was so different.  We stayed in Hollywood and following in the famous shoes of the stars.  The bright lights of Las Vegas were great.  We visited many hotels – seeing the world-famous Bellagio Fountains and even went on a Gondola at the Venetian hotel.  And, of course, spent a few dollars gambling.  Took a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon then flew over the strip at sunset which was stunning.  We stayed in Waikiki Beach in Ohau, which looks just like it does on the TV.  The beaches are out of this world, people are so friendly and even tried some surfing and went to visit the Pearl Harbour site.  Our highlight was a sunset cruise, which was so romantic!

Treat the family

Last year, I treated my daughter to her dream holiday with a week in Orlando and a week in Mexico.  She always wanted to swim with the dolphins, so we decided to do the full swim package including photos to share the memories.

I loved Aruba in the Caribbean which I travelled to for a few days with work for a Travel Industry conference.  The sea was as clear as I’ve ever seen, hotels were out of this world with lovely small boutique style hotels to big all-inclusive 5* properties.  Known as the Happy Island – it certainly delivered! 

Not all holidays have been long-haul.  I have a 14 year-old daughter and have travelled extensively across the Med/Europe.

My favourite beach holidays have been to Majorca and Menorca.  I’ve been several times to both Islands.  Majorca has quiet, scenic resorts to busier resorts such as Santa Ponsa or Magalluf.  It has something to attract everyone.  Menorca, is more relaxed, beaches out of this world and so easy to drive around and really escape.

Ever tried All-Inclusive?

I have really enjoyed the All-inclusive concept over the years. It has become so popular with everything included – Food, drink, kids club, sports facilities, entertainment and loads more.  This means you require limited spending money as you pay for everything up-front.

However, there is nothing better than getting out and about on holiday and really experiencing local food, culture and what is on offer in the country you are travelling to.   I have enjoyed staying in European holiday parks, self-catering.  Hiring a car or self-drive and really exploring the local area.  Loved Lake Garda – Bella Italia campsite which has a great location on the lake and very central.  Whilst I also love La Croix du Vieux Pont not too far from Paris and Disneyland Paris Resort.

So why don’t you get in touch for a personalised, reliable service that takes the stress away from you? Wherever you decide, there is a world just waiting to be explored!

Julie Batchelor Brilliant Travel

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The Flip Flop Design You Need!

2 minute read

Summer is looming and with that, the summer wardrobe comes out. The slightest hint of the sun gets people out in their shorts, little summer dresses and of course, let’s not forget the Flip Flops. Some people love them, other’s hate them but there’s no denying that Flip Flops have been around (in some form) for thousands of years and they are here to stay!

3 pairs of Flip Flops
Travel Flip Flops

There are many things I want to touch on in later Blogs such as “How the Flip Flops are made and printed”, “Frequently Asked Questions”, “How to get the best out of your design” and “Getting those summer feet ready” but today I want to focus on a new Flip Flop design.

We listen to you

As a new business, we are always listening to our customers and strive to make the design process more user-friendly.  We love seeing your personal designs and transforming them into a great product that you can wear over and over again but we also want to make this process easier for you.  Some people are very confident when designing but for others it can be a bit of a challenge.  So, we have designed the new Snap-in Photo Collage Flip Flop.

Easy Steps to order your Flip Flops

So what is the Snap-in Flip Flop

This gives you the option of having 8 individual photos that just “snap” into place. This saves you time, simplifies the design process for you and means you can have numerous images on one Flip Flop without having to think about overlapping images.  Basically, we do the hard work for you!  A short video, to demonstrate how to create your Snap-in Photo Collage, will be coming VERY soon.

Flip Flops with snap in photo options

What are your options

As always, you get to choose your size, base & strap colours but with the Snap-in Collage Flip Flop, you can now choose the style of the photo border.  So far, we have created two different designs for you and we will be adding to this throughout the year.  It would be great to have your feedback on what border designs you would like to make your perfect personalised Flip Flops

Get in Touch

If you are not sure about anything mentioned so far then please get in touch via online chat, social media or email.  We love hearing from you and we really love to help you get the best out of your design.  Don’t wait any longer, check out this link and Happy designing.

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My Journey to Flip Flops…..

2 minute read

My Why

Anyone that says starting a business is easy is either not telling the truth or they’re not doing it properly!

It takes dedication, determination, resilience from the knockbacks, a plan and lots of vision! (I won’t even touch on the boring stuff like business plans, finances, SEO, google analytics, business growth, workspace, staff, marketing & promotion etc) Let’s keep this fun!

Basically, I wanted to be my own boss, create my own working environment, bring to life my ideas and most of all inspire my children.  I had owned a successful café and catering business about 12  years ago and loved it. I realised that being employed by others just did not suit my personality.

So, during a brainstorming session with the family, the idea of Flip Flops emerged.  It made perfect sense, as (at that time) I worked as an Events Supervisor and was often seeing women unable to walk in their fabulous heels by the end of the night. The question was how could I turn Flip Flops into a profitable business? I could personalise them of course!

That was it, decision made . With the enthusiasm from my children and encouragement (and much patience) from my incredible Husband, Flip Flop Design.Shop was born. Personalised Flip Flops for any occasion.

How did I get where I am today?  

If you want to go into business it helps to be sociable, put yourself out there and look for opportunities (don’t hang around waiting for things to come to you) Through meeting a few great people and working hard on my pitch I was fortunate to be accepted onto a funded course for creative start-ups.  The course is run by InCube and is funded by Renfrewshire Council . If anyone is interested, they have 2 intakes a year! InCube connected me to other entrepreneurs and innovators and experienced business advisors.  This is a photo of the successful applicants and very inspirational women (No, the course isn’t  just for women)


The next exciting thing was waiting for my first stock to arrive from China. However, as a result of mis-communication between myself and my Chinese contact and the fact that my Flip Flops seemed to be travelling all around the world (apart from arriving in the UK) we had a few problems. I can honestly say that was an incredibly stressful time and a huge learning curve and thats why this photo really brings a smile to my face. The day the first batch of Flip Flops arrived my excitement was uncontainable and the delivery man thought I was a little bit strange!

Delivery man and boxes
First delivery!

Here and Now

The business is growing from strength to strength.  I continue to look for opportunities, regularly attend networking events, wedding fayres, printing exhibitions and collaborate with universities and students.  Yes, there have been ups and downs along the way but isn’t that what business and risk-taking are all about? It’s now 6 months in and we are still being thorough, doing the groundwork and doing it WELL! The groundwork is giving us the foundation to build a successful business with longevity.  I am really excited about the next 12 months . I have big plans! (which will not be a surprise to anyone who knows me well)

To my loved ones, thanks for sharing this journey with me x

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Coming Soon

It is less than 6 months since FlipFlopDesign.Shop arrived and personalised Flip Flops are just as popular as we hoped. Our next steps are to raise the profile of the website through social media and blogging activities, so this is our first blog. Plenty more will follow.

Take a look at how to order, use our Top Tips and start creating your first personalised flip flop – it’s LOTS of fun!

Please engage in any way through our social media, web chat, like/comment/share below or plain old email.

Thanks from all of us at FlipFlopDesign.Shop