FAQ’s and Short Demo Videos


If you want something thats fun, easy and unique then look no further!  We are creating a selection of videos to help answer your FAQ’s when designing your personsonalised Flip Flops.  There will be more videos shortly showing you how to upload images/text, change footbed colour, change text colour/size etc.. If there is anything we have not answered then please drop us a line and we will be in touch ASAP.  So don’t flip flop around, order your personalised pair now


  • How long does it take to process an order? Usually 2-3 days but if you are in a rush then please get in touch, as we are known to get the order shipped the next day (when possible)
  • Do I get a discount when ordering in bulk? Absolutely! Take a look HERE for prices 
  • Can I upload my own images/photos? Yes, our whole concept is that customers are able to make the Flip Flops bespoke and personalised to them.  You can upload  your own images/text/photos or any other images that you have copyright/permission to do so.
  • Are your Flip Flops good quality? Yes, they are 14mm in depth so quite sturdy and comfortable.  They are made to be able to wear over and over again (not just a one time use)  We also produce a vibrant print, which does not wear or fade.
  • If I am having difficulty with the design how do I get help? Please take a look at our Top Tips page and Demo Videos below.  If you are still finding it tricky then contact us through our live CHAT or email us HERE.  We will always get in touch ASAP.
  • Can I change the designs already on the website? Yes, our designs are there simply to give you inspiration.  You can change any pre-made design or even add/remove images/text and then add your own.
  • Can I get a refund? As this is a personalised product that you have designed, I am afraid we cannot give refunds.  Please refer to refund policy.  That’s why we like to give you as much help as possible before you place your order.
Introduction to Flip Flop Design.Shop
The difference between the Flip Flop sole and footbed